How to Improve Your Pull ups

Without a doubt pull ups are the best exercise for developing a strong back as well as improving your body’s fitness. However, pull ups are by no means easy.

Have you been bench pressing heavy loads and building your front? It’s time to get that back workout going with pull ups.

This is how you can improve your ability to do even more pull ups.

  1. Begin at the correct position

Many people start off at the wrong position and end up with injuries and back pains. For example, starting at a completely hanging position with the arms fully extended.

This causes stress on the ligaments.

What you should do is utilize your muscles and you can only do this if the shoulders are locked back into position.

  1. Preforming negatives

You can do this by causing strain to your body through lowering instead of lifting. The result is amazing endurance since the body will develop the muscle fibers differently than if you were lifting.

And this is how you can do negatives. Jump and pull yourself to your chest with the pull up bar and then slowly lower yourself. Maintain a lowered position for between 4 and 6 seconds and lift yourself to your chest level once again.

Repeat this a few times each week and soon you will find that you will be able to perform more reps with time.

  1. Incorporate bicep curls

The second most important muscles that you will be utilizing when doing pull ups are the biceps. This is exactly why you need to develop strong biceps by including heavy bicep curls in your training regimen.

Note that the keyword here is “heavy” to enable you to pull your entire body upwards.

  1. Do forced repetitions

This is where you get another person to help you crank up a few more reps by hold your feet and helping you pull yourself up.

It might seem like cheating but trust me it helps.

As the weeks go by you will notice that your strength increases and your ability to perform these extra reps unassisted quickly goes up.

  1. Do pull downs

Pulldowns are the best way to develop strong forearms, your lats as well as your biceps. These three muscles will be used in the motions leading up to a successful pull up.

Like with the bicep curls, you need these muscles to be strong enough to pull yourself up so make sure you perform heavy pull downs.

  1. Assistance bands

If you are just starting out doing pull ups, getting one or two is difficult enough. Remember you are pulling your entire body which is unlike lifting weights where you can start small.

Assistance bands will come in handy.  By wrapping around your feet, you can counter your body weight and manage to do quite a few pull ups. Like with using the assistance of someone else, you will find yourself being able to perform pull ups without any help within a few weeks.

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