5 Ways to Improve Your Agility

Age and our habits make our agility suffer. Therefore, anyone can suffer a lack of agility. Whether you are a new mum or a seasoned athlete, improving your agility during your exercise routine is important. The ultimate goal of getting agility is to be effective and flexible when you make movements. Speed and quick responses are what you are working on, requiring your physical and mental ability to be in a good state. Fortunately, there is something we can do about it. Check our five favorite ways you can improve your agility.


Be Strong While Moving Body Areas


You want to be safe when you make abrupt body movements. Strong muscles, joints, and bones contribute to high agility levels. Athletes particularly should not ignore gaining strength because their performance depends on it. To change direction at high speeds requires you to use force on various body muscles. Work on your muscles and moving body parts through exercises like box jumps, push ups, sit ups, and hurdles among others.


Proper Weight Shifting


In order to execute your movements properly, you must learn how to shift your weight effectively. What you need to do in this case is to train and fix your points of weakness in the process. If you have been having movement habits that are ineffective and inefficient, your task during workouts will be to implement various exercises to learn how you can properly shift your weight during movements. Technique matters here and you will have to do exercises like speed skaters and hockey stops.


Teach Your Body to Make Movements Without Thinking


The reasons why you need to practice often is to make the exercise movements natural. By constantly repeating, and changing direction at high speeds your body gets used to it. Ever heard of muscle memory? Here is where it applies. You do something repeatedly until your muscles know what to do without you thinking about it. Carry out exercises like barefoot balance for stability purposes and cone drills for quickness.


Deliberate Thinking and Action


Dot drills and rebounder drills are useful in helping you to deliberately think and react to improve your agility. The rebounder drill, for instance, involves opponents tossing a ball randomly in multiple directions requiring the other party to think and make the appropriate reaction to get the ball. Your feet will be in constant motion and the hands will be alternating thus improving your agility.


Power Makes All the Difference


It is the power that enables a certain movement to take a particular period of time. More power means a movement will take a short time, while less power will make the same movement to take longer. When developing power, you will require exercises like push-ups, walking, skipping, sprinting, and shuffling. Practice your power acquisition by introducing direction changes and timing yourself in the process.


Agility begins with eating habits. Eat balanced diets and avoid junk foods to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Increasing your agility will require commitment and regimented practice. Make your exercises fun to stimulate your mind and set goals so you can check whenever you achieve something.

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