Losing Fat is Simpler than it Seems


When it comes to losing fat, there’s tons of information out there that make the whole process seem very complicated. Some people recommend intense cardio sessions to burn fat. Others suggest diets such as keto or paleo which have become very popular for promoting weight loss. It can be quite confusing at first but, losing fat is simpler than it seems. So, what do all these things have in common? Well the answer is simple; it’s to put your body in a caloric deficit.


Forget about the slimming pills or fat-burning devices as there’s hardly any evidence of their effectiveness. They shouldn’t be used as shortcuts to losing weight. Science and research have proven time and again that for you to lose fat, you must put your body in a calorie deficit. This just means you should burn more calories than you consume.


What are calories and why you should start counting them?


A calorie is a unit of energy and calories provide the essential energy our body needs to perform its basic daily functions. We get calories from the food we eat, and this is what it all comes down to. How many calories you are eating throughout the day will determine if you will lose, gain, or maintain weight. Everyone has their own maintenance calories depending on their activity level and current weight.


Maintenance calories are the number of calories your body needs to stay at your current weight. Go above that number and you will gain weight. Go below that number and you will lose weight. You can find out your maintenance calories using a calorie calculator that you can find widely available online. The reason you should start counting calories is to consistently track your progress to make sure that you’re eating less calories than your body is burning.


However, not all calories are created equal. For example, the calories you get from a donut are very different to those in vegetables, quinoa, and lentils. These are packed with protein which helps build and maintain muscle, while a donut is packed with empty calories that lack the essential macronutrients that your body needs.


But what if I’m too lazy to count calories? Can I still lose fat?


Yes, you can. Although it can be harder to track your progress, you can still lose fat without having to count your calories. Remember that for you to lose fat, you must put your body in a caloric deficit. So, how do you achieve this? By eating less food and being more active throughout the day. Try to incorporate fitness into your daily routine such as brisk 30-minute walks or doing cardio sessions at the gym. The point of these activities is to help you burn calories. Eat more foods that are rich in fibre because it makes you feel fuller throughout the day which in turn leads to less food consumed. Losing fat is simpler than it seems. Just eat less, be more physically active and, if you’re really determined to lose fat, start counting your calories.



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