How to Boost Your Metabolism

You’ll often hear that to effectively lose weight, you should kick your metabolism into overdrive. But firstly, what is metabolism anyway? To simplify, your metabolism is how your body converts all the calories from the foods you eat into essential energy to perform your daily basic bodily functions and activities. Knowing how to boost your metabolism is key to successfully losing weight and shedding body fat.


The reason you want to boost your metabolism is because a having high metabolic rate will burn more calories throughout the day, thus resulting in a calorie deficit (so long as you keep your diet in check and are regularly active). Here we’ll give you three important steps to rev up your metabolism, helping you to lose weight quickly and efficiently.


Perhaps you’ve read in many articles that drinking green tea or eating a big breakfast will help with boosting your metabolism. The problem is that eating a very heavy breakfast early in the morning can amount to almost half of your daily calorie allowance, bumping up your calorie intake instead of your metabolism. The right way to speed up your metabolism is by following these three important steps.


Step 1: Increase your activity levels throughout the day


Boosting your metabolism starts with being active more frequently. Start slowly by incorporating light exercise into your daily life. A good example is to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do some light stretching where possible if you have a job where you sit around all day.


Step 2: Do the right type of cardio


Most people think that the best way to burn calories and speed up their metabolism is through steady state cardio which can mean running on the treadmill for hours on end. However, steady rate exercise doesn’t burn as many calories as HIIT cardio does. HIIT cardio (high-intensity interval training) is a form of cardio training that alternates between low and high intensity exercises with short rest periods to get your heart rate up. It is overall a better option because you can finish your workout in a matter of minutes without having to spend hours running on the treadmill.


Because HIIT cardio requires a lot of effort and intensity, your exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) will go up and your body will burn more calories throughout the day long after you’ve finished HIIT training.


Step 3: Build more muscle


It’s no secret that doing weight training will help spike up your metabolism because muscle tissue burns more calories even when your body is at rest. This means the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn. Incorporate plenty of protein to your diet to build lean muscle. While strength training doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as cardio does, it does impact your overall calorie expenditure.


Knowing how to boost your metabolism is vital to losing weight, bringing you closer to the body you’ve always wanted. Follow these 3 steps in order to kick your metabolism into overdrive!


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