Fitness Tips for Women

There is a common acceptance that it is easier for men to get into shape and lose weight than it is for women. There is something to this adage, though it certainly isn’t impossible for women to get in shape and stay that way.

It takes a dedication to eating better and staying active that it takes most anyone who is looking to get into better shape. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut formula for getting into shape. What works for some may not work for others. But there are a few helpful tips for women that can help improve your overall level of fitness and get you going on the right track.

Try It for 2 Weeks

If you struggle with motivation, try switching up your workout routine every two weeks. There are studies that have shown that those who switch up their workouts after two weeks are more likely to stick to their workout plans.

Switching your workouts periodically can keep you interested in coming back again and again, especially if you struggle with just getting to the gym. Maximize your motivation whenever possible to make sure that you stick to the plan and get active.

Don’t Do Mindless Exercise

We’ve all been there: thumping away on the treadmill, watching another sitcom episode that we have seen 14 times. It can be easy to just go through the motions of a workout but getting invested in that workout – thinking, feeling, and engaging your muscles as you work them out – can help those reps feel more powerful.

Bringing focus into your workouts will help you understand what may be less challenging for you and where you may need to make a change. Don’t be stagnant and go through the motions; keep your body in mind with each workout.

Change up Your Goals

Many women set a goal to hit a specific weight and, often times, that weight is a bit unrealistic and unattainable. Setting less specific goals can be highly beneficial. Try losing 5-10 pounds instead of setting lofty long-term goals. Not only that, it gives you a bit of a range whereas something uber specific – “I want to lose 8 pounds this week” – is easy to miss the mark on.

When you set these more attainable goals, it boosts your sense of accomplishment and helps you to stay driven. After all, when you feel good about accomplishing goals, you are more likely to set more and to attain them.

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