How To Build Strong, Toned muscles By Using A Medicine Ball

Couples fitness is important for any relationship. Whether your relationship is dating, established, long term or evolving, working out with your partner can be an incredible challenge or a ton of fun. It all depends how you approach it. For the month of May, wanted to give a few simple, quick tips to aid you refine your couples workout into a method that promotes growth and strengthens your connection. These tips will help increase your performance, increase energy, reduce stress and increase confidence.

Before you begin your couples workout, take some time to plan an activity you can both enjoy. A nice, laid back picnic is always a great option. Bring your favorite food, make a point to go there alone and be comfortable. Take a walk after dinner, this can also be done with family or friends. If you both enjoy the activity, this will be an enjoyable workout. It’s really a matter of what you both enjoy.

One very simple way to get started on your couple’s workout is with some simple exercises. Squats are a great place to start, they strengthen your legs and lower body, build stamina, and burn calories. Stand with feet apart and bend your knees slightly. With your upper body straight, inhale and exhale at a normal rate. Hold your breath for three breaths and slowly return your upper body to the starting position. Try to keep your back straight throughout the movement.

A variation of this exercise can also be done while lying down. With your feet hip-width apart, bring your partner’s hands to your chest and bend your elbows so that one feels like a triangle with the palm resting on your partner’s shoulder and the other’s hand resting on your partner’s stomach. Squat down and hold this position for three breaths. As you increase the difficulty, alternate hands between your partner’s thighs and stomach. This couple’s workout will increase your stamina, strengthen your core, improve circulation, and burn off calories.

You may also choose to use a medicine ball instead of a standard workout bench or floor. A medicine ball can work wonders for couples because it allows one another to spend more time together doing actual activity. This will help create a stronger connection in your relationship, and you will be able to build upon your fitness together over time. A medicine ball can also be used in a power clean, a jump squat, and a plyometrics program, which will really ramp up your activity.

In a plyometrics program, which we highly recommend, you perform a series of high five exercises that target various muscles in your legs and midsection. Begin this couple’s workout program by lying face down on a mat with your upper body bent at the elbow. Next, slowly lower yourself down to the ground with your arms extended above your head. After the first few repetitions, switch to the plank position for the next two and continue this couple’s workout program for at least 30 minutes each session.

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