How to Make Time for Working Out on a Busy Schedule

Many of us are on busy schedules—from home to work, where you have meetings throughout the day. When you get home, you need to bathe and feed the kids. If your kids are in school or have other activities, you need to chauffeur them around. It leaves no time for conversations with your significant other or yourself, let alone working out.

But in times like these, you need the benefits of a workout. It will improve your mood, refresh your mind, and take care of your overall well-being. You can work out from anywhere using your body weight or a few sporting items.

If you do not have any sporting items at hand, you can get some resistance bands or dumbbells. It may seem expensive, but you can use Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon to save money. Here are a few points on how you can make time for working out even on a busy schedule.

Workout – Commute

You can work out on your commute to work. There are different things you can choose to do. These include running, power walking, or cycling. You can also choose to get off the bus or train a few stops earlier. If you drive to work, you can park farther away to extend your walk to the office.

Power Up the Stairs

Do not use the lift; use the stairs. When you use the stairs, do not walk leisurely but gradually increase your speed as you climb them. You can also take two steps at once but do so safely. It targets your glutes and gives them a great workout.

Workout at the Office

Even if you are working all day, there are different exercises you can do when you are in the office. You can swap your chair for a stability ball; it will strengthen your core. You can also keep dumbbells or resistance bands at the office. Do some dumbbell curls or overhead presses as you read that report.

Lunch Time Workout

Skip your lunch, not the time. Use your lunchtime to go for a walk. It will rejuvenate your body and your mind. When you return to work, you can have a salad, fruits, or a protein shake at your desk. It will allow you to burn the calories and decrease those you consume.

Weekend Workout

If you cannot work out over the week, use the weekends to regain the lost time. Get in an hour of working out. It will reduce your stress and improve your well-being. You can get your 150 minutes of workout time during the week. All you must do is get two 60-minute workouts over the weekend and squeeze in a 30-minute workout during the week.

Strategize Your Workouts

Try HIIT workouts and circuit training. They offer far more fat loss benefits than any other workout. As you engage in your workout, choose free weights instead of machines. They offer quicker strength gains and use more muscle groups and fibers as you exercise than resistance machines.


You can also get some dumbbells or resistance bands to use during your HIIT training at home. You can work out when watching a sitcom or between commercials. You can turn any time into a workout session. You need to be keen and have your fitness goal in mind. As you work out, make the mind-muscle connection, focus on technique, and do not take shortcuts.


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