About us

Hello. My name is Ema and I’m a fitness enthusiast like my husband Lee. As a couple, we enjoy fitness and it’s a part of our daily routine. Working out and eating right are one of our main priorities and we want to help you achieve your fitness goals by providing nutrition tips, workout routines, and other fitness-related information. I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated workout partner because we challenge each other to get better each day that we step inside the gym.


Just like you, me and Lee experienced humble beginnings when we first started our fitness journey. The absence of motivation, the lack of time to spend in the gym, and the uncultivated discipline were hindrances to our dreams of transforming our bodies. It was easy to find excuses not to workout because we weren’t dedicating enough to making our goals happen.


Soon enough, we started going to the gym consistently. We found more reasons to workout instead of just being lazy and doing what’s comfortable for us. We learned to push ourselves and that’s how we achieved the results we wanted. We want to make your fitness journey much easier so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that we did. It’s through years of experience and working out together that we’ve learned how to  properly train, eat, and rest.


Going to the gym


At first, just stepping inside the gym was an achievement for me and Lee. It was the initial step that got us started with our fitness journey since we always found lame excuses not to go. But that was only one of the many hurdles that we faced together. We weren’t getting the results we wanted and there were times that our motivation was fading. This made it a struggle for us to consistently workout.


That’s when we decided to make change. We paid more attention to our diet, learned about how to properly train our bodies, and we made sure that we get enough rest to allow our body to recover so we can train again the next day. These are the three things that you have to keep in mind in order to build muscle and look your best. When you nail your nutrition, workouts, and your rest, you will be able to achieve a great looking body.


Finding the motivation


With Lee’s support, I was able to go to the gym consistently because he keeps my spirits high and motivated. Finding the motivation to workout can be pretty hard at first, but once you make a commitment to yourself that you really want to change your body, you will cultivate a strong discipline that will push through any excuses you can think of.


Think about yourself if you were to attain the physique that you want. Imagine the feeling of seeing all the results

of your hard work through your body. How great would it be if you were to achieve all those goals? I bet you will feel absolutely amazing. It’s all about taking that first step. I guarantee you, once you see the results, you will be even more motivated to continue hitting the gym without even thinking about it.


Getting the results that you want


Working out takes a lot of discipline, but you don’t want to waste your efforts and your hard work if you’re not getting the results that you want. The key is to train smart and efficient. You can lift the heaviest weight you can and run as fast as you can on the treadmill, but that doesn’t guarantee any results if you’re not following a training program and a nutrition plan.


You can’t just walk into the gym and start lifting weights in front of you and expect to see results. You have to be specific with your workouts and your nutrition so you can change your body the way you want it to. People quit because they think their efforts are going nowhere when in fact, they’re just not training and eating properly.


We want to help you dial in your nutrition and help you plan your workouts so you know which foods to eat and what exercises to perform. Remember, you have to do these things consistently because the last thing you want is to eat healthy and train hard for just once a week. Follow us and read our blogs to expand your fitness knowledge and help you become one step closer towards achieving your dream physique!