Tips for Staying Healthy While at Work

Staying physically fit is definitely not easy and not something that you can do over night. It takes persistence, dedication, and a drive to want to improve your physical fitness and to keep at a workout schedule.

But there are times where working out is less ideal than others. People generally struggle with their physical fitness while at work, especially those who sit at a desk throughout the day. But there are things that can be done to keep limber and fit even while you are working throughout the day. Knowing how to keep physically active while at work is a great way to keep you on track with your workout plans. These are a few tips for office exercises.

Use Your Commute

No matter how you get to work, there are ways to make that commute better for your physical fitness. Drive to work? Park at the far end of the parking lot or at a lot perhaps a little farther from your building. If you ride a train or bus, try departing a few stops sooner and walk the rest of the way. If at all possible, walk or bike to work.

It may add a bit of time to your commute but it is worth it to keep your body limber and active during times where that might not be the case. This will help your overall fitness level and you will start to see your workouts becoming incrementally easier than before.

Instead of Snack Breaks, Take Fitness Breaks

During the time where you might normally go get a coffee or a snack, take that opportunity to take a walk or to hike a few flights of stairs. Light stretching is also a good idea in this instance. Anything to get your heart rate elevated and your blood pumping is a good way to combat sitting at your desk each day. No one says that you have to be dripping sweat while active; it’s just a matter of keeping your body moving and getting your blood pumping.

Bring a Fitness Ball to the Office

If you are able to trade in your desk chair for a fitness ball, this is a great alternative. Sitting on the ball helps to improve your balance while toning your core muscles as you sit at your desk. When you have a break, you can also use the ball to do squats or other exercises. Keep your chair around – there are times when you’ll want it – but having that alternative is important.

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