Tips to Help You Get Lean

When we work out, we all have different physical fitness goals. Some of us work out to lose weight. Others do it to tack on muscle mass and to bulk up. Flexibility is another reason to get active. But more and more people are opting to work out to get lean and fit.

Things like cross-fit have taken off because people are not looking to bulk up nearly as much as they may have in the past, instead focusing on getting lean and tight. Adding muscle mass may look good to some but it does not promote flexibility and can leave you feeling heavier than you may like.

Here are a few tips for getting leaner and fitter.

Do Triathlon Training

Not only is this type of training physically demanding – long bike rides, running hills, swimming, weight training – but it allows you to mix up your workouts regularly, avoiding the rut of doing the same workout again and again.

The key is to not overdo it. Start out small; maybe 20 minutes per day. But as you continue to improve and your body becomes more accustomed to this style of training, you will be able to do 45-60 minutes most days of the week. Your body will be leaner and you will feel better than ever

Focus on Your Body Fat, Not Your Weight

People tend to look at a set number on the scale as their goal but weight isn’t indicative of your overall level of fitness. After all, those who focus on muscle may actually be heavier even at their fittest because muscle is heavier than fat.

Instead of focusing on a number on the scale, use your body fat percentage as a good barometer for your goals. This gives you a better idea of how healthy your body is in general and lets you avoid the stigmas and pitfalls of aiming for a number on the scale.

Eating Control

For some of us, eating isn’t just when we’re hungry. Many eat when they are bored and, even worse, eat well past the point of being full. “Eat less” seems pretty basic in terms of advice, but it’s more than that. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. This will get your body in tune with your eating habits and you will find that not only are you hungry less often but your body won’t feel sluggish after eating.


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