The Best Exercise Equipment for Your Abs

As fitness goals have evolved on a social level, so too has the way we attain those goals. Whereas huge muscles may have been the goal of yesteryear, being lean and cut without adding too much bulk is more the goal of the modern fitness connoisseur.

Having a strong core and getting those ripped, shredded abs are more of a universal priority than they have ever been before. But knowing the best methods to achieve those abs is important as well. That is why there are certain pieces of exercise equipment that are far better at toning your core and working your bas than some of the others out there.

Rowing Machines

Cardio workouts are great for burning fat that tends to reside around your stomach but getting in ab workouts can not only help to burn additional fat, but tone up your core and make those abdomen muscles pop.

Rowing machines work both your upper and lower body as well as engaging your core muscles. These include muscles in your lower and upper abdominal, lower back, and your obliques. Rowing also adds a cardio aspect to the workout to give you a complete core workout.

Inversion Table

Inversion therapy helps to strengthen your core muscles and helps to prevent injuries, primarily back pain. The best part about an inversion table is that you can perform a number of different ab workouts on it, including weight ab workouts and side ab workouts.

Using the inversion table makes the exercise difficult to perform but you see results with far less reps because of the increased difficult making it a great way to get your ab workout done far quicker.

Stability/Workout Ball

Though a workout ball technically isn’t a “machine”, it is a great piece of equipment that can help to strengthen your core. Because of the work it takes to keep your balance on the ball, you work out your core muscles from start to finish and even work on improving your overall balance.

A stability/workout ball provides a compete range of workouts that focus on balance, strength, and agility. Best of all, they have a ton of effective ab workouts to get your core tight and rippling without having to buy a huge, expensive piece of bulky equipment. Plus, you can take the exercise ball to work and see the positive effects that activity has during your day.

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